Tuesday, March 29, 2016

10 questions to ask a potential real estate agent or broker. Team Thayer #realestate #housing #market #news #oregon

1. What percentage of your clients are sellers (versus buyers)?
Agents who mostly work with buyers will have a different set of skills from those who primarily represent sellers. You want to make sure this person is an expert at knowing how to land a home in your desired neighborhood.
2. In which neighborhoods do you primarily work?
You want someone who can spout off neighborhood stats like a true local. Your agent doesn’t just need to know the market valuations in Eugene, Or, they also need to know the valuations for each specific neighborhood, from Oakridge to Cottage Grove.
3. Will I be working with you directly?
In other words, will your agent handle all aspects of the transaction or will they delegate some tasks to a sales associate or administrative assistant? A knowledgeable assistant can be invaluable, but you want to make sure you can connect regularly with your agent.
4. Do you work full time or part time as a real estate agent?
Many agents work part time — and that’s fine. But if you expect them to respond to your queries in a timely manner, it’s worth asking how available they can be when you have questions or want to tour a property — especially if your schedule isn’t very flexible.
5. How many home sales have you closed in my desired area?
Success counts. You want someone who has a proven track record of closing deals.
6. How many other buyers are you representing now? How many sellers?
Hint: The busiest agents often are also the most efficient.
7. Is your license in good standing?
You can check an agent’s certification with your state’s department of real estate. Many states provide this information online.
8. How many years of education and experience do you have?
Experience and continuing education typically make for better agents. And it doesn’t hurt to ask if they own their own homes: A Trulia Trends study shows that 85% of brokers and agents are homeowners.
9. Are you also a broker?
What’s the difference? Well, a broker is usually someone who has pursued education beyond what’s required by state laws. This person will probably have passed a broker’s license exam, which can indicate a commitment to real estate as a career — and to above-and-beyond customer service.
10. Can you provide me with the names and phone numbers of past clients who have agreed to be references?
Insights from past customers can help you learn more about an agent and give you a greater comfort level.
Picking a real estate pro is a key decision in the home-buying (and selling!) process. So many great real estate professionals are out there willing to work hard for you, so consider the advice above as you make your selection.