Thursday, September 3, 2015

AACER: Third-Lowest Monthly Bankruptcy Filings Total of 2015 Reported in August

money-fourBankruptcy filings nationwide totaled 67,712 over 21 filing days for the month of August, the third-lowest monthly total in 2015 and a decline of more than 7,000 from August 2014, according to August 2015 AACER bankruptcy data reported by Epiq Systems.
Filings were lower in August 2015 by 7,522 from the previous August. The total of 67,712 for the month was third-lowest this year behind January (59,087) and February (65,054).
The average number of filings per day in August (3,224) over the 21 filing days was also the third-lowest monthly total out of eight months this year. January averaged 2,954 filings over 20 filing days and June averaged 3,171 filings over 22 days.
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AACER graph Aug 2015
Including August's bankruptcy filings total, there have been 562,356 filings for the first eight months of 2015, an average of 70,294 per month and an average of 3,347per day for 168 filing days.
Bankruptcy filings nationwide reached their peak for the month of August in 2010, when 134,798 filings were reported. They have declined year-over-year for each August since then. August 2015's total of 67,712 was close to 50 percent lower than the peak reached in August 2010.
California once again topped all states for cumulative bankruptcy filings with 56,012 for the first eight months (including 6,312 in August, also tops among states for the month). Illinois was second once again with 38,380 filings year-to-date as of August 31, 3015, which was less than 200 more than third-place Florida (38,183). Georgia (33,349) and Ohio (25,424) were once again fourth and fifth, respectively. The state with the fewest cumulative filings for the first eight months of 2015 was Alaska with 264.
Tennessee and Alabama once again ranked first and second among states in filings per capita for August with 5.76 and 5.35 filings for every 10,000 people, respectively. Both were slight increases from the 5.73 and 5.29 totals reported for July. August's national average in bankruptcy filings per capita (2.71) was a slight decline from July's total of 2.73.
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