Monday, June 1, 2015

Tips For First Time Home Buyers. Team Thayer Real Estate Eugene Oregon #eugeneoregonreltors

Tips For First Time Home Buyers

With all the excitement of becoming a first time homebuyer it is easy to get caught up in the thrill of owning your own home. Before you sign any papers there are things you will want to consider.
  • Credit: Before you purchase a home you want to make sure you credit is in good standing. Poor credit can drive up mortgage rates and make it virtually impossible for you to purchase a home you may be interested in.
  • Location: One very important thing first time home buyers have to think about is the location in which their potential home is located.
  • Long Term Plans: Always make sure you take the future into account before you lock yourself into any FHA mortgage or agreement. How long do you plan on living there? Are you planning on having any children? You never know when your situation may change so make sure you plan ahead.
  • Check And Re-Check: Don’t let the thrill of becoming a first time home buyer give you itchy fingers. There are plenty of discounts and breaks you can find to save on you FHA mortgage as long as you knew how to find them. Don’t just hastily agree to the first offer put on the table, make sure you check around and you could end up saving big in the end.

first time home buyersFHA Mortgage

After the not so distant housing crisis many people have been put off to buying or even selling homes. Although we are still living with some lingering effects from the housing crisis things are slowly starting to improve. It is now becoming easier for first time home buyers to get low FHA down payments when purchasing a new home. With the recent announcement that first time homebuyers can get down payment loans as low as 3 percent it should become easier for potential homeowners to be able to afford to buy. Although this recent announcement will help potential homeowners it is only one factor to consider when thinking of purchasing a home for the first time. As with any other financial decision it is important that you have all the information before signing any papers or agreements. With the housing market still settling after the last housing crisis, it will take some time before potential homeowners feel comfortable putting their trust and faith in the housing market again. For first time home buyers it’s crucial you make sure you take all things into consideration before you make any decisions.

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