Friday, April 10, 2015

The Easy Way To Get Rich In Real Estate by Justin Thayer of Team Thayer.

The Only Way To Get Rich Fast In Real Estate is to sell a book about “The Easy Way To Get Rich In Real Estate”.  In reality, if you want a Get Rich Quick scheme, real estate is not your best bet.  Just for the record…there is NO Easy Way To Get Rich In Real Estate.

You CAN however, purchase investment property, make money and increase your wealth over time.  Most real estate investments make very little money each month (over putting some money away for reserves) but make money in the long haul.

There are some successful “flips”, but that takes a pretty substantial understanding of construction techniques and you should always be able to rent the property if need be.  Flips are doable, but take more capital, entail more risk and should only be attempted if you have experience.

The goal of most Real Estate Investing is that you have someone else pay your mortgage and increase your equity in the subject property.  Over time, when you reach a certain loan to value percentage, most investors recycle that money into another investment property.  Eventually, you can own many investment properties, while having your tenants pay your mortgage for you.

It has been proven that Real Estate Investments out yield the stock market for long term investments.  That is exactly what Real Estate Investing is…a long term investment.  Anyone that claims they have a system for a fast, easy way to get rich in real estate, let them know its nonsense.  There is NO easy way to get rich in real estate.

However There is a way to be very successful in Real Estate! Call Justin Thayer @ 541-543-7287 to find out how!