Monday, February 3, 2014

Is there a good reason to hire a real estate agent instead of FSBO? #Justin #Thayer #Team #Thayer #Real #Estate #sales #Agent #vs #FISBO # Eugene #Oregon #Broker

Your attorney get paid if you loose you court case. Your doctor gets paid if you die. You probably have no idea you pay your insurance agent a commission. Accountants get paid even if they make costly errors. Your money manager takes a commission from you no matter how much money you loose. Appraisers take $900 from you to place the ultimate value on your home but where are they when you need to sell it. Even our close cousins the the mortgage industry get little grief about the amount of compensation you pay them. (They don't pay your application fee & appraisal if the loan fails)

 Real Estate brokers put in money, time, & risk litigation yet you pay us nothing unless there are proceeds from a sale. There is no other profession like it. 92% of Realtor's fail in under 2 years. (The Navy Seals buds school attrition rate is only 78%)

 The reason people don't get it is #1 we have more disclosure than any profession in the world. People tend to see commissions paid as money they are loosing instead of investing. The massive costs of advertising, insurance, MLS memberships & bi yearly education directly benefit the clients as an investment netting them more money. #2 Much of the public is confused on the difference between brokers & traditional salespeople. A broker has the same fiduciary responsibility as your doctor. You hire us to protect you & your money. A salesmen is hired to work against you to increase profits for the company who hires them. The only similarity is we are both paid commissions.

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