Tuesday, June 11, 2013

More Americans Are Becoming Entrepreneurs Than Ever Before

  • More Americans are becoming entrepreneurs than ever, and they're increasingly optimistic, according to a study by Babson and Baruch colleges.
  • The Small Business Administration (SBA) has started a program designed to boost lending to veterans.  
  • How Meetup CEO Scott Heiferman made it through one of the most difficult periods for his business.  
  • 27 of the most essential books for aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners. 
  • The SBA is particularly fond of backing microbreweries. 
  • Y Combinator investor Gerry Tan argues that there's one statement that lets you know if a business idea is truly groundbreaking. 
  • Consumer confidence, an important datapoint for looking at the US economy, blew past expectations to reach a 5 year high.
  • Always worth remembering, starting a business is extremely tough, and the odds of success are very low. 
  • Intuit isn't a small business, but many of its customers are. The company attributed a good earnings report to more small businesses using its services and products.