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Wall Street investment firms are feverishly grabbing single-family homes,

While Wronged Homeowners Got $300 Apiece in Foreclosure Settlement, Consultants Who Helped Protect Banks Got $2 Billion

Nobody can do it alone! "Navy SEAL Training - Team Life.

Housing market continues to rise.

How to Find Foreclosures on Zillow?

Lane county Oregon home prices continue to rise. Foreclosures still on ice..

Navy SEAL Training - Self Confidence - Froglogic Motivational Training

Eugene Oregon's recently sold homes average price per square ft..

Eugene Recently sold homes average sales price.

Economic focus Eugene / Springfield Oregon

Home buyers are shopping for homes on You Tube!

Know the major benefits of selling property on line. A listing agent in this market must master social media!

Buying a Home Is the New Engagement Ring

Couple Forecloses on a Bank Of America branch after illegal foreclosure!

Katy Perry Selling Home She Shared With Russell Brand

David & Victoria Beckhams Reportedly Selling Hertfordshire Home

Signs, signs yes they are so very important to home sales!

Make sure the Real Estate Broker you hire has great signs! If your house has a shop in back there needs to be a sign pointing that fact out. Also homes with large lot's, timber value, 5 bedrooms in a neighborhood known for 4 or less, water front, anyrhing that sets the home apart but cannot be seen from the road. You never want too much information displayed in front of the unit.for sale! People will eliminate the house before getting a chance to call the Broker or they will forget about the house by the time they get home as the mystery sparking human curiosity is gone. The important thing is they call the listing broker. The listing broker should then use their sales skills to get the buyer in the home.for a proper showing. The statistics of a buyer buying after pulling a flyer are 0%. As soon as the.same buyer gets inside for a showing the chances of the buyer making a purchase goes from 0% to 50%. A second showing the statistic jumps to 80%. There is a.reason 20% of the listing brokers sell 80% of the homes! Find the right agent and.have better success!

Smartphone App Predicts Short Sale Difficulty

Selling your home. Do open houses work? By Justin Thayer Broker in Eugene Oregon.

Selling you house? How to find and hire Statistically Best Listing Real Estate Broker

Selling your home. Do open houses work? By Justin Thayer Or Team Team Thayer Real Estate

Finding the best Real Estate Agent in Oregon!

Buying a foreclosure!

CHART OF THE DAY: That's What A Housing Recovery Looks Like Read more:

Home prices: Biggest rise since housing bubble

Olympic Wrestling must stay. We have 2 Olympic hopefuls in Eugene!

Why Can't the Internet Replace Real Estate Brokers? on

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Real Estate market is value is rising in 2013.

Sell.your home now. Eugene market values are rising.