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New home infested with snakes, family sues realtor. Team Thayer Real Estate News.

Caught on cam: Bullsnake bites man!

Caught on cam: Bullsnake bites man!
Here is an excellent reason you should hire a trusted referred buyers agent.  Check out this story as reported by HLN this morning.

A family is suing after moving into a home they claim is infested with black rat snakes.  Jeffrey and Jody Brooks purchased a home in Annapolis, Maryland to live in with their 4-year-old son and infant daughter. Before completing the purchase, the Brookses claim they asked the realtor about a possible snake problem and were told there was no problem. The family also says they had the home inspected, but since it was the winter, the snakes were not easy to detect.
The Brookses closed on the property on December 29th and a few months later started finding snakes in the home, according to the lawsuit. The family says they brought in an expert who ripped open walls and ceilings, revealing dozens of snakes in the home. According to the lawsuit, the snakes ranged from 6 inches to 7 feet in length. 
The exterminators determined that snakes had been living there for years and found the home to be “uninhabitable and worthless,” according to the lawsuit.
The Brooks family filed a multi-million dollar lawsuit against the realtor, the realty company, and the former homeowner claiming breach of contract, intentional misrepresentation, and fraud. 
Attorneys for the defendants told HLN they had no comment on this pending lawsuit.

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